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Teaching Of Islam
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All About Islam
About Islam
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                     لله Beliefs In Islam لله 

Q. What is the name of our religion ?

A. The name of our religion is Islam.


Q. Who are we ?

A. We are Muslims.


Q. Who are Muslims ?

A. A person who believes that there is no worthy of worship except Allah

An Muhammad salalaho alayhi wasalam is the final messenger of Allah,

Is a Muslim.


Q. What does Islam teach ?

A. Islam teaches ‘Do good avoid bad’.





Q. To whom do Muslims worship ?

A. Muslims worship Almighty Allah only.


Q. Can we worship expect Allah ?

A. No! To worship other then Allah is the biggest sin. Allah will never forgive it.


Q. Does Almighty Allah have a son ?

A. No , Allah Has no Children or relatives .

Q. Who Does Almighty Allah Love ?


A. Almighty all loves good doers.


Q. Who Does Almighty Allah Dislike ?

A. Almighty Allah dislikes bad doers.