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Here are some pictures of Islamic Miracles
Please note that Muslims do not base their faith on such sights. Our anchor is the Quran, our Holy Book and the abundant knowledge and wisdom on life, science, nature, etc. within it. If you wish to see a REAL miracle - these sights are not it - Read the Quran.
Click on the pics to see a larger one

Special Fish
Muhammad Abdullah holding a toman with markings which resembles the Jawi writing for "YA ALLAH YA MALIK"
Tree Resembling a Man Praying
This miracle was discovered in a forest near sydney, the Tree is bowed in a muslim prayer picture, and it is bowed directly to mecca where all muslim turn to in their prayer...Allah Akbar.

The Fish Inscription
The story of the fish began when Mr. George Wehbi, a Christian Lebanese, was practicing his fishing hobby, in Dakar, Senegal(the capital of West Africa). He caught many fish. When he went home his wife saw among them a strange fish about 50cms in length, with some Arabic writing on it. He took it to Sheikh al-Zein, who read clearly what was written in a natural way, that could not be done by a human being, but rather a Godly creation which the fish was born with. He read:"God's servant" on its belly and "Muhammad" near its head, and "His Messenger" on its tail.
The Penang Bridge.
This photo is taken at the longest bridge in Malaysia, the Penang Bridge.
The Bee Inscription
This is name "ALLAH" made by some inspired bees
Turkish Mosque
A mosque still stands amidst the rubble of collapsed buildings in this aerial view of a neighborhood in the western Turkish town of Golcuk, 60 miles east of Istanbul, August 19, 1999. The death toll from western Turkey's worst recorded earthquake surpassed 6,000, as hope waned of finding any of the thousands still missing under the mountains of rubble.
German Forest Miracle
"This image shows a side of one of the Farms
in a Gemany , where the tree branches,
in a wonderful style shows (In Arabic) the oness word,
"La Ilaha Illa Allah, Muhammadun Rasul Allah"
This makes the hearts beat with belief in ALLAH the creator of this universe who is able to do anything He wants. Consequently, this picture shows that "Islam" is the great innate religion. As soon as the German people saw this image many of them converted to this nature religion. Infront of this great incident, the spiteful German Government surrounded that part of the farm and prevented the people from visiting it, since the government was worried that by seeing this farm, people will be fascinated.