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Here are some pics of sacred locations
Click on the pics to see a larger one

Badar Graveyard

This is the view of badar graveyard.Near the battle field of Badar where muslims fought against Kuffars for the first time.It was 2 hijra.

First Mountain on Earth
The beautiful view of tunnel cut through the famous mountain "Jabl-e-AbuQabis" in Makka. According to the traditions this mountain was the first ever to be created over the planet.
Battle field of Uhdh
A view of the battle field of Uhudh in which Holy prophet (p.b.u.h) was injured and 70 muslims led their lives & martyred for the cause of Islam
Hazrat Usman(May Allah be please with him) who was the son-in-law of Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) & 3rd Caliph of Muslims bought this well in a huge amount and dedicate it for the welfare of muslims while there was extreme shortage of drinkable water
An unbelievable Miracle
A Jin(Ghost) accidently captured by camera mear the Hira cave during Haj. The creature was seen only after the film was processed.Probably it get stunt for the milliseconds by the strong flashthat it materialise itself. Allahu'Alam.
Grave of Hazrat Haleema Sadia(R.A.A)
Sore Cave
Sore Cave, where holy prophet(P.B.U.H) stayed with his fellow n muslim's first Caliph Hazrat Abu-Bakar(May Allah be please with him). When kuffars of Mecca where looking around to kill them but with Allah's help they neither saw nor heard 'em
Hajra-e-Aswad, The sacred stone
Pilgrims, doing Saai between Safa & Marwa
Grave of Hazrat Safia(R.A.A)
Graveyard of Madina where 10,000 sahaba (fellows of Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H)) and thousands of Tabieen(fellows of Sahaba) are burried.Graves are made according to the Sunnah.