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Islam "The Ideal Religion"
Islam is a universal religion revealed to rectify the corrupted belief of mankind and to set the seal to previous Scriptures. It enjoys respect and veneration for all prophets and is not a religion of egoism that teaches hatred and animosity to others; nor does it require its followers to believe only in their particular prophet imputing falsehood to those other religions.
No! The spirit of Islam rises far above this and enjoys the belief in all the apostles of Allah for thus Muhammad was addressed:

"And we have sent apostles before thee; the story of whom We have told thee; and the story of others We have told thee not"

Islam has led mankind to the pure founts of religion and freed their minds from the confusion of misguidance and superstitions.
The tenets of Islam are purely intellectual and absolutely uncontaminated with delusions, superstitious beliefs and pernicious customs. They were not ordained in accordance with censure of a particular people, but were instituted in strict accordance with truths established from all times and suited to all races of mankind.

Teachings of Islam
The teachings of Islam are classified into three mian clauses:

1. Avowal of one creator and the admitting of the day of judgement
2. Actions which pertain to the Hereafter
3. Actions, which pertain to, the regulation of temporal affairs and amelioration's of life's conditions.

The fundamental precept of Islam is the acceptance of monotheism and the purging of souls of sin and wickedness. Its texts clearly point out that salvation is the outcome of mental and moral striving and that deviation is the result of moral inactivity.

A philosopher has rightly remarked in this connection that the great thinkers of the world have been deeply in search for a religion which fulfills the material needs and the spiritual aspiration of mankind. They searched for one which combines these two in a just and harmonious accordance, thus establishing the right proportion between the respective claims of both in such a way so as to keep them with in bounds and to withhold the one from dominating the other.
BUT they discovered it nowhere except in ISLAM, which guaranteed salvation in this world, and Hereafter.
As it says

"Worship Allah as if u behold Him , for if u do not behold Him, He beholdeth you."

It ordains prayer in gratitude and thankfulness to the Beneficent Bestower, fasting which leads to the elevation of mind and to the purification of soul, and the almsgiving which constitute the allotment to the poor one fortieth on the capital per year, in gaining Allah's favor and people's affection.

It enjoys prudence, judiciousness in judgement, thankfulness and fear of the Almighty and faith in and resignation unto Him. It further enjoins mercy to and compassion upon mankind, honesty and integrity, fulfillment on promises, perfect faith and yet to labor for one's living, toleration, hastening to the doing of good and also unwavering determination in upholding the tenets of religion.
It enjoins love of Allah, the seeking of His favor, and reliance upon Him. Lastly, it enjoins to free the human soul from the dire influence of desire and to bring it to account for the wrongs preprated by it, thus purging it of all defects and imperfections which defile it.

It is for this reason that mankind pursued the Islamic civilization and that it spread in a fashion unprecedented in the annals of history.

May the Almighty Allah shower His mercies upon mankind and guide them to that wherein lies their salvation in this world and Hereafter.