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In the Name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful

"La Ilaha Illa Allah, Muhammadun Rasul Allah"

"There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah"

"This simple statement is the most powerful declaration ever devised.
For beyond the words themselves lies a powerful concept and a compelling ideology."
-Yahiya Emerick


"And yet they ask for miracles. Was it not enough, that an unlettered person,
remembered all, which is contained in the voluminous Book of the Holy Qur'an?
And besides, the Book itself is a miracle, which could not have been
produced except by Allah." (Qur'an, 10:37)

"My real benefactor is this Book, The Qur'an. It has changed my course and brought
me into Light from Darkness. This Book is such a luminescent lamp that whenever I
cast its Light on anything, it becomes clear and pristine to me. The Qur'an
is like a master key to me. It opens the door to the understanding and
answers to the many intricate problems of our times." -Syed Abul Ala Maududi

"The Qur'an is a book which is a poem, a code of laws, a book of common
prayer, all in one, and is reverenced by a large section of the human
race as a miracle of purity of style, of wisdom, and of truth.
It is the one miracle claimed by Muhammad...and a miracle indeed it is."

Allahumma Salli 'Alaa Sayyidina Muhammadin 'Abdika wa Nabiyyika wa Rasulikan-Nabiyyil-Ummiyyi wa 'alaa aali Sayyidina Muhammad!

On the night of August 3rd 1998 Allah manifested His magnificence to the people present under the canopy of Madina Wadi GA. During class one of the ladies called out for everyone to look towards the sky, that Allah's name was written therein. All heads turned upwards and gazed at the beautiful site. Some could not see the Ism at first and it seemed that some saw different things at different times. As I looked upwards I was not sure if what I was seeing was really there but I knew it was something because the feeling all around me was different and unexplainable. I kept looking and in the sky I saw Ism Hu written as beautifully as I have ever saw that covered a significant space of the sky. Someone called out again for us to look at Ism Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam). Everyone directed their glances to his name which seemed as it spread across the entirety of the sky, what we could see of it. As we watched, Ism Hu and Ism Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) appeared numerous times. Ladies reported as seeing Ar Rahman, Al Ahad, the letters Qaf and Saud. All the while SubhanAllah, Alhamdulilah, Daroods, and an occasional Oh my God (by one of our youngest participans) was heard.

This night surely one to remember put something special in our hearts. As we saw the appearance of these magnificent miracles tears welled up and spilled from the eyes of many. Love surrounded us, and I and others were hugged by people we had not conversed with before this night. As the tears flowed from my eyes sounds escaped me although I would not like to admit this for any other thing I am proud to say that I cried because Allah chose us to see His blessed signs. He chose us to see on His sky which He placed for our reflection, the most perfectly formed letters, His secret Name Hu and His Beloved's name over and over again.

The moon which accented the auspicious night was gleaming and lit up the entire sky. Around this moon, which bears the name of Nabi Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam), was the most glorious rainbow. The realization of what this rainbow was did not hit me until one of our seniors mentioned that this rainbow signified the dominance of Islam and that when you saw a rainbow encircling the moon Rasolullah (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) was present. With these words my heart ached with pain and felt as if I couldn't contain anymore of what was happening. But more was manifested and we ran to see the moon again in all it's glory. One of the ladies exclaimed, "I drew this picture"! She had infact drew the exact same thing as we saw a couple of months earlier, this in itself being a wonderful miracle. When I thought my tears were exhausted, the most perfect Ism Hu floated by the moon, and again I broke down.

We drifted back to class thinking that all was done for the night and began Translation of Holy Quran with our Qarias. As our eyes dried and our hearts opened to the beautiful recitation I glanced up once again to the sky and saw what looked like Ayyats written across the sky everywhere I looked. When I looked closer it looked like the Kalimat. After class I told my Qaria and she asked why I didn't stop the class to tell her my reply being I didn't want to disrespect Holy Quran by interrupting. One of the other ladies present also verified that she saw the Kalimat during class.

The night before this occurence one of the youths of about three or four years old was seen pointing at the sky saying, "Shhhhh look Allahu Akbar, look." I am not sure if this all coincided but it was most definately Allah's doing Alhamdulilah!

ShukrAllah for showing us these magnificent signs so plain for so many to see. InshaAllah you have placed clear belief in all of our hearts. Ya Allah let us not be of those who witness your signs and ignore them and become kaffir. Ya Allah always strengthen our Iman so that we can better ourselves and walk in the footsteps of Your Beloved (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam). Ameen!

Written by Safiah Abdus Salaam Qadiria



"La Ilaha Illa Allah, Muhammadun Rasul Allah"


"This image shows a side of one of the Farms in a Gemany Wood, where the tree branches, in a wonderful style shows (In Arabic) oness word, "THERE IS NO GOD EXCEPT ALLAH, AND MUHAMMAD IS THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH," in an image that makes the hearts beat with belief in ALLAH the creator of this universe who is able to do anything He wants. Consequently, this picture shows that "Islam" is the great innate religion. As soon as the German people saw this image many of them converted to this nature religion. Infront of this great incident, the spiteful German Government surrounded that part of the farm and prevented the people form visiting it, since the government was worried that by seeing this farm, people will be fascinated after the clear presence of, "THERE IS NO GOD EXCEPT ALLAH, AND MUHAMMAD IS THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH." (In Arabic)."

"Their intention is to extinguish Allah's light (by blowing) with their mouths. But Allah will complete His Light, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it)." (Al Qur'an 61:8)




"This is the pattern of air tubes in the lungs of all human beings. The pattern has been worked out with extreme precision on a computer in Saudi Arabia. The air pipes are distributed in the shape of the declaration of the Islamic creed in the Arabic language that affirms the Oneness of Allah and the Prophethood of Muhammad (SAS). It reads "La Ilaha Illallah Muhammad-un-Rasullullah." There is no deity but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

This discovery is no surprise. Allah has revealed in the Holy Qur'an:"We shall show them Our portents on the horizons and within themselves until it will be manifest unto them that it is the truth." -(Qur'an 41:53)

(Photo by courtesy of Dr. Syed Fuddin, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

(Reproduced from: Medical News Karachi January 15-31, 1991)"



The Miracle of Honey

More than 1,400 years ago Allah and His Messenger, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, told us that honey can heal a variety of medical problems.

Allah says in the Qur'an, "And the Lord inspired the bee, saying: Take your habitations in the mountains and in the trees and in what they erect. Then, eat of all fruits and follow the ways of your Lord made easy (for you). Then comes forth from their bellies a drink of varying color wherein is healing for men. Verily in this is indeed a sign for people who think." (16:68-69)

The Prophet, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, has also told us of the healing found within honey for a variety of medical problems, including stomach ailments. One hadeeth reported by Bukhari, states that a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhe wa salaam, because his brother had stomach disorder. The Prophet, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, said, "Let him drink honey." The man returned a second time, saying his brother had a stomach disorder, and again the Prophet, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam said, "Let him drink honey." The man returned a third time, saying again his brother had a stomach disorder. The Prophet, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, responded again, "Let him drink honey." The man returned and said, "I have done that." The Prophet then responded, "Allah has told the truth, but your brother's stomach has told a lie. Let him drink honey." He drank it and was cured.

Tirmithi, Ibn Majah, and Baihaqi also reported that the Prophet, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, said, "Make use of the two remedies: honey and the Qur'an."

Modern medicine is only just learning of this fact. Traditional uses of honey have included honey mixed with lemon for sore throats. Honey coats the throat and reduces throat irritation. Research has already shown that honey blocks the growth of oral bacteria. Honey has also been used for stomach pains and problems. Modern research shows that honey is effective when used in the treatment of gastric or peptic stomach ulcers. Research has also revealed that honey is effective in the treatment of various wounds and infections because of its antimicrobial (antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal) properties.

Researchers are not absolutely sure why honey heals but they are learning new things about honey every day. We do know that honey contains a variety of sugars and minerals. Honey is also considered an antioxidant. This means it allows the blood to circulate better and provide more oxygen to areas of the body such as the brain. Honey can also be used externally to promote healing when applied to wounds, even postoperative wounds. Honey has also been effective in its use to treat burns. It has even been shown to be low in calories and useful as a sweetner for diabetics, people with heart disease or those overweight.

Although there is healing in honey for variety of medical disorders, certain precautions should also be taken. Children under the age of one year should never be give honey due to the possibility of infant botulism. This type of food poisoning can be dadly, however, it only seems to affect infants under on year of age. Also, if you have any known allergies to specific plants, then you should make sure the honey you are using is not made from that plant. People with allergies to bee stings should also be careful when using other bee-related products such as propolis or royal jelly. If these precautions are followed, then honey may provide healing for you.

As Muslims, we must acknowledge and accept that Allah and His Prophet, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, know better and have revealed the truth. We should, therefore, accept that honey can heal and make use of it. We should study the research that is available, not to confirm or deny the truth that has been revealed by Allah and His Prophet sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, but to learn of new ways we can use honey.


About the Miracle of the Splitting of the Moon

Taken from The Miracles of Muhammad a book written



In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful

The Hour is nigh, and the moon split. But if they see a sign, they turn away and say. "This is evident Magic." Qur'an 54:1-2

MATERIALIST philosophers and their absurd imitators, who attempt to cast a shadow over such a moon-like miracle of Muhammad (S) by vicious misgivings, say, "If the splitting of the moon had occurred, it would have been known to the whole world and narrated on all the books of history."OUR ANSWER: The splitting of the moon was demonstrated as an evidence of prophethood. It happened instantaneously, before a certain group of deniers at a time of night when people were asleep. There were, at the same time, obstacles that prevented others from witnessing this event, such as fog, clouds, and the time differences between parts of the world. Furthermore, science had not spread at the time, so that researches were very limited. This miracle therefore, was not intended to be witnessed all over the world and to be narrated by all historians. Now listen to the following Five Points that will clear the clouds of misgiving concerning the miracle of the splitting of the moon.

First Point:

The extreme stubbornness of the unbelievers at that tome was notorious. However, when the Most Wise Qur'an announced this occurrence through the verse, And the moon split, none of them dared to contradict the event that was reported by this verse, although they were rejecters of the whole of the Qur'an. If this event had not been witnessed by the unbelievers, they would have denounced this verse and made use of this opportunity in their formidable attacks against the Prophet (S). Whereas neither the Prophet's (S) biography or history reports denial of the occurrence of this event from them. What has been narrated be history is, as the verse, They say, "This is evident magic," Points out that they called it magic. They said, "If the caravans at other places have witnessed this, it is true, otherwise, it is magic. When the caravans coming from Yemen and other places told them the following morning that they had witnessed such an event, they said--God forbid!--"The magic of Abu Talibs's orphan has affected the heavens!"

Second Point:

Most of the foremost scholars such as Sa'd ad-Din at-Taftazani have stated that "The occurrence of the splitting of the moon is mutawatir, just like the running of the water from the fingers of the Prophet (S) and the drinking of a whole army, the weeping of a wooden pillar, against which the Prophet (S) would lean when delivering sermons, at the Prophet's (S) separation and it's being heard by a vast group. This has been transmitted by one truthful group of people to another, forming together so vast a community as its collision to lie is inconceivable. It is as certain as a famous comet having been seen a thousand years ago, or as the existence of the island of Ceylon that we have not seen."

To express doubts about such certain and witnessed occurrences is unreasonable. For their not being impossible is enough reason for their acceptability; as for the splitting of the moon, it is quite as possible as a mountain's splitting with a volcanic eruption.

Third Point:

Miracles take place in order to prove the claim of prophethood, to convince deniers, and not to force them to believe. This miracle needed to convince those who had already heard of the prophet hood of Muhammad (S). To let it be seen from other parts of the world, or to demonstrate it in an undeniably obvious way, therefore, would have been contrary to the Wisdom of the All-Wise Creator and to the purpose of man's function in the universe, which is to open the way for the mind without disabling the free will. If the All-Wise Creator had, in accordance with the whims of materialist philosophers, left the moon in the same condition for a few hours to show it to the entire world, and if this fact had thereby been recorded by all historians, it would have been treated among other astronomical incidents, without being restricted to the messengership of Muhammad (S) and without being considered a proof of prophethood. Or, it would have been such an obvious miracle that it would have forced the mind to believe and deprived it of the free will. As a consequence, coal and diamonds (or Abu Jahl and Abu Bakr) would have been the same--the purpose of man's function in the universe would have been lost. This was the reason why this miracle was not shown to the entire world to be recorded in all books of history.

Point Four:

Since this event took place instantaneously and at a time when people were asleep, it would not, of course, have been seen everywhere. Even if some people had seen it, they would not have believed their eyes; even if they had, such individual reports would not have constituted an inexhaustible theme for historians. Furthermore, and in addition to some other obstacles, it was sunset in Spain and England (which were then under the clouds of ignorance)when this incident happened, daytime in America, and morning in China and Japan; so it could not be observed in other parts of the world. Yet thoughtless rejecters say, "It did not occur, as it is not mentioned in the histories of such people as the Chinese, Japanese, and Americans." A thousand curses upon such bootlickers of the Western philosophers!

(On the other hand, the claim that the moon came down to earth after it had split into two parts has been rejected by scholars. It has been suggested that this claim is probably the work of a hypocrite, aimed at reducing the value of this manifest miracle.)

Fifth Point:

The splitting of the moon was not a product of chance, nor did it occur as a result of natural causes; the ordinary laws of nature are hence inapplicable to this case. In fact, the All-Wise Creator of the sun and the moon wonderfully brought it about as evidence to uphold the prophethood the prophethood of His Messenger and to throw greater light upon his course. The purpose of human obligation, the mystery of guidance and the wisdom of the prophetic message required its demonstration to certain people defined by the lord's wisdom. And those who were not intended and who had not yet heard about the prophethood of Muhammad were prevented from seeing this occurrence by means of many obstacles such as clouds, fog, and time differences. If it had been shown to all alike as a miracle of the Prophet (S), his prophethood would have been so manifest that everyone would have been compelled to accept it; nothing would have been left to the mind--whereas belief is to be acquired by the choice of the mind--and the motive of human obligation would have been lost. If, on the other hand, it had been shown to others as an astronomical incident, it would have had no peculiarity to and no relationship with the message of Muhammad.

As the possibility of the happening of the splitting of the moon has clearly been demonstrate, and there remains no doubt about it, we will now point out six evidences1 of its occurrence out of many.

  • The concurrence of the Companions of the Prophet (S), who are all men of justice,
  • The agreement of all discerning interpreters on the explanation of this verse, "And the moon split,"
  • It's having been narrated by all truthful traditionalists through various authentic channels,
  • The testimony of all the men of truth and sainthood--the men of Inspiration and spiritual discovery,
  • The conformation of theologians who widely vary in their outlooks and of profound scholars,
  • The concurrence of the nation of Muhammad, who, as established by authentic narration, never agree on error.

These are six evidences that prove the splitting of the moon as brightly as the sun.

To conclude, our words up to now have been aimed at proving the occurrence of the miracle and the refutation of the objections to it. The words henceforth will be on behalf of the truth and in the name of faith. So much for the proof; now the truth speaks:

  1. Namely, six evidences that prove the occurrence of this event with a sixfold affirmation.

We regret that this subject has been cut short, although it deserves much more explanation.

The Seal of the Prophets and the brilliant moon in the heaven of messenger-ship showed through hid Ascension the greatest wonder and the supreme miracle if his sainthood, one at the degree of the best beloved servant of Allah. This miracle was to conduct an earthly being through the heavens and show the inhabitants of the heavens and of the highest abodes his superiority to them and his belovedness of Allah. Similarly, such a miracle was demonstrated to the inhabitants of the earth as evidence of his messengership that the moon, which is set in the sky and bound to the earth, split into two upon the gesture of an earthly being. And, these two miracles of his sainthood and messengership as two luminous wings--like the two luminous wing of the moon split into two--he flew to the heaven of perfection, to the Distance of Two Bowstrings, and became the glory of both the beings of the earth and those of the heavens.

So many peace and blessings be upon him and his family as to fill the earth and heavens.

In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful

Glory be unto Thee! We have no knowledge save that which Thou hast taught us: Verily Thou art All-Knowing, All-Wise Qur'an 2:32




Scientific Signs in the Qur’an

Examples from the Area of Earth Science – II

One wonders why the Qur’an comments on matters like these things that were not known to anyone at the time of revelation or even for centuries afterwards, unless Allah knows in His eternal knowledge that the time will come when man will then immediately realize that the Qur’an is the Word of Allah and that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His last Messenger, stresses Prof. Zaghloul El-Naggar.

One of the main features of our planet is its fractured nature. These fractures allow enormous amount of molten rock to flow out and produce these mid-oceanic ridges. Unless the earth has these fractures that can communicate with the areas of high heat flow below the Earth’s crust, life on earth would have been virtually impossible. One wonders how the Prophet knew these facts since he never rode the sea. How would he know this unless he was informed by Allah, the Creator. And why does the Qur’an refer to such unknown facts at the time of its revelation and for centuries to follow unless Allah knows in His eternal knowledge that the time will come when scientists can discover these facts and immediately realize that the Qur’an is the Word of Allah and that Muhammad was the seal of His Prophets and His messengers.

The Sea Set on Fire

In Surah At-Tur (52:6), Allah swears an oath: Wal bahril masjur, “By the sea set on fire.” Water and fire are incompatible, water quenches fire and fire causes water to evaporate and it is virtually impossible to have water and fire in one place. Therefore, early commentators on Qur’an thought in the first instance that the verse probably is referring to Akhirah, the last hour, because there is another verse which says: Waithal-Biharu-sujjirat translated as: “When the seas will be set on fire.” But the context of the oath in Surah At-Tur is in relation to things that exist in our present day life. They immediately said that it could not refer to Akhirah, and has to refer to our worldly life. They then started looking for another meaning for the word masjur, other than “set to fire”. They found in the Arabic language that some of the meanings of sajjara means mala-a wa kaffaa (it has been filled with water and kept from transgressing on land). This is true because we have many instances in the history of our planet when the seas encroached more on land than they do today. We also know that the maximum amount of fresh water on land is stored in the form of ice caps in the two poles as well as at the peaks of high mountains.

This massive amount of fresh water does not need more than 4-5 degrees Celsius to melt and 4-5 degrees are nothing in the climatic changes of our planet. If these ice caps were made to melt, this can raise the water level of seas and ocean by 100 meters, or so and would be more than enough to drown most of the present day civilizations which lie very close to shore lines. The commentators thus said that the meaning of al bahril masjur is not “the sea set on fire” but “the sea that is filled with water and stopped from transgressing on land.” This is correct, but when the scientists went down to study the mid-oceanic ridges, they found that they are all composed of volcanic rocks. They also found that the network of fault lines that traverse the planet actually ooze magma at temperatures that exceed 1,000 degrees Celsius resulting in seas and oceans that are actually set on fire. Water boiling to superheated steam at temperatures of 200 degree Celsius or more. This is a fact that came to our knowledge only in the late 60’s of this century.

Mountains in the Qur’an

Another striking example in the Qur’an relates to mountains. The Qur’an speaks about mountains in 49 different verses. In one of these verses the Qur’an describes mountains as pegs or pickets. “And the mountains as pegs (awtaadaa) (78:7). If we take any scientific or linguistic dictionary of today and look for the meaning of mountain, we will find that scientists define mountains as high elevations on the surface of our planet.

Elevations that exceed 610 m in height are called mountains and anything below this is regarded as a hill. However, in many of the American references, elevations above 300 meters are considered mountains. The Qur’an that was revealed more than 14 centuries ago describes mountains as pegs or pickets. If we look at a tent’s peg, we find that most of its length, is buried in the ground, its smallest part crops out on the surface of the ground and its function is fixation.

Scientists have now come to realize that mountains are not just surface elevation into the ground, and these are called mountain roots. Mountain roots were never known to scientists before the turn of this century and they were highly debated until recently. A peak like Mount Everest, which is almost 9 km above the ground’s surface, has a root that develops for more than 125 km inside the Earth’s outer rocky layer.

Just as the peg or picket’s function is mainly to hold the tent solidly to the ground, so too is the exact same role of mountains. We have come to know that the outer rocky layer of the Earth is fractured by faults into plates that float on molten magma. With the earth’s rotation around its own axis, these floating plates would have been rapidly moving had it not been for the stabilizing influence of mountains. No soil could have accumulated, no water could have been stored in the soil, no plant could have germinated, no road constructed, no house could have been built, and life would have been impossible on our planet. For this reason Allah showered his bounties on man by fixing the earth with mountains. Mountains act like pegs or pickets that hold the continental masses down and stops them moving. Muhammad (peace be upon him) is quoted to have said in an authentic hadith that when Allah created the earth it started to shake and jerk, then Allah stabilized it with mountains.

In our Solar System

The source of iron (Fe), we read in the Qur’an: “Verily, We have sent down iron in which there is great might and uses for human beings.” (57:25) When the early commentators of the Qur’an tried to explain this verse, they explained that anzalnaa (we have sent down), was not a physical sending down but meant that iron was created with the qualities of strength and might. However, it has recently been proven that all iron, not only in our planet but in the entire solar system was obtained from outer space. This is because the temperature of the sun cannot generate iron. The sun has a surface temperature of 6000 degrees Celsius and a central temperature of about 20 million degrees Celsius. There exists much hotter stars which are known as novae or super novae where temperatures can reach 100s of billions of degrees Celsius and it is in these stars that iron is formed. When the percentage of iron reaches a certain proportion of the mass of the star it explodes and these exploded particles travel in space until they are captured by the gravitational fields of other heavenly bodies. This is how our solar system all obtained its iron and it is an established fact today that all the iron in our solar system was not generated or created within the system but has come to it from outer space.

One wonders why the Qur’an comments on matter like these things that were not known to anyone at the time of revelation or even for centuries afterwards, unless Allah knows in His eternal knowledge that the time will come when man will then immediately realize that the Qur’an is the Word of Allah and that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His last Messenger.


Kid Sheikh Dazzles Muslim World

Daily Observer; Tuesday March 9, 1999; Banjul, The Gambia

For many months the strange story of a wonderkid from Arusha, Tanzania has been circulating in the grapevine. When we received a write-up on him three weeks ago, we censored it in the beliefe that it appeared too spurious to be true. But the story of the four-year old Sheikh Sherifdeen Khalifa is proving to be an enduring enigma, as spun in this story culled from a recent edition of the Nigerian weekly, Tempo.

His story belongs to one of the dozen wonders (or is it seven?) of the ancient world. It's almost implausible: a two year old (now four) preacher, spreads Islamic gospel and sermonises like a knowledgeable adult!

Sheikh Khalifa Sherifdeen's world is, however, neither medieval, nor ancient. He lives in the present. He never went to school yet he reads the Qur'an and Bible. He stopped breast-feeding at two months.

At Itakete, in Benin Republic, the kid-preacher sermonised about the death inevitability of death, the totality of God's power over all; that all, except Allah, (Almighty God) are going to die, questioning where will the rich and kings be on the day of Qiyama (resurrection). He listed five questions which Allah (God) will ask every soul on the day of ressurection. They are: How did you spend your time on earth? How did you spend your youth? How did you take care of the poor?; Did you use the knowledge given to you properly?

He enjoined believers to confess their sins and refuse to go back to it.

He sermonised over God's abhorrence of sundry vices: drinking, adultery excessive thirst for lucre, etc. All those he capped with a long prayer in Arabic.

Most times while he spoke, he still exhibited infant traits. Very often, while sitting, he is either swinging his multi-colored, white-dominated white canvass or fiddling with tip a of the table cloth. At a stage, the kid preacher was caught sucking his right thumb, while he asked the audience to be less noisy, covering his mouth with his palm in gesticulation.

When a middle-aged Christian asked if Jesus Christ wa coming back, Khalifa Sherifdeen answered in the affirmative. One of the signs of Jesus' return, says Khalifa is the appearance of strange, small children like him talking like adults. While another person asked him how many years he was going to spend on earth as the town (Itakete) was awash with rumours that he will be only 10. His response was that life belongs to the Almighty alone.

Another Christian woman asked him whether everybody should become a Muslim or remain as Christians following the teachings of Jesus and whether he (Sherifdeen Khalifa) was a Prophet of God? He responded in the negative to the last question, saying he was a creature of God- the same God that created Jesus.

He riled not a few Christians in the audience when he said Jesus was a creature of God. The youthful innocence and upperturbed mien of the kid preacher was however noticeable. He carried on as if nothing was amiss.

Now four years old, Khalifa Sherifdeen is creating waves across the Muslim world, traversing international borders at will. He has been to Cameroon, Kenya, Congo, Malta, Chad, and Benin Republic, where he met and preached to Beninoise president Mathieu Kerekou.

Muslims also claim he had converted thousands of non-Muslimsto the Muslim faith. In Nigeria, he is the rave of the moment in Muslim homes, as video cassettes of his sermons, pictures, almanacs and stickers, become progressively popularised. And as zealots of all faiths are wont to do, Muslim faithful are crashing in on the Khalifa miracle to call the Non-Muslims to embrace their faith. Says Chief Imam of Horin Mallam Mohammed Abashir, "Khalifa Sherifdeen is a miracle from our God, Allah. It is a divine testimony from Him about the authenticity and truth of the Islamic faith.

Born four years ago in Arusha, Tanzania, to Christian parents of the Catholic tradition Kahlifa, reports say, converted his mother Domisia kimaro and father Francis Fundinkira to Islam before he began his transborder evangelism-all with his unusually oversized head.

A ringing minus however dot Khalifa's sermons, translators are too many while sermon arrangements could be somewhat rowdy



The Mosquito and Its Extraordinary Adventure

by Harun Yahya

Surely Allah is not ashamed to set forth any parable – (that of) of a gnat or anything above that.” (Al-Baqara, 26)

As people are invited to contemplate on their own creation, the Qur’an frequently calls people to investigate the nature and to see the signs of Allah therein. The whole universe, with all its living and non-living elements, consists of the signs revealing that they have been “created.” They exist just in order to demonstrate the power, knowledge and art of their Creator. Mankind is responsible to know these signs and appreciate the Creator of all, Allah. All living things possess these signs, yet there are some specifically mentioned animals in the Qur’an. The mosquito is one of these. This is referred to in the Qur’an in the below verse:

Surely Allah is not ashamed to set forth any parable – (that of) a gnat or anything above that; then as for those who believe, they know that it is the truth from their Lord, and as for those who disbelieve, they say: What is it that Allah means by this parable: He causes many to err by it and many He leads aright by it! But He does not cause to err by it (any) except the transgressors.” (Al-Baqara, 26)

When considering the life of the mosquito, we can say that it has a very extraordinary adventure. What is generally known about mosquitoes is that they absorb and feed on blood. Yet, this is not completely true. Not all the mosquitoes, but only the female ones, absorb blood. Their need for blood is not related to feeding at all. Actually, both male and female mosquitoes feed on the nectar of flowers. The only reason that females, unlike males, do absorb blood is for their eggs, which need to mature with the proteins contained in the blood. In other words, a female mosquito absorbs blood just to ensure the survival of the new generation.

The point to be stressed here is that the verse of the Qur’an points out only the “female” mosquito. As previously mentioned, it is only the female mosquito which has the superior capabilities that will be detailed here. So, it is surely quite expressive that female mosquitoes are particularly emphasized in the Qur’an. Besides, it is a remarkable fact to point out that at the time of the revelation of the Qur’an, this knowledge was completely unknown to mankind.

The development process and its phases is one of the most amazing aspects of the mosquito. This animal converts from a larva through completely different phases. Let us see this adventurous story of the mosquito briefly. The mosquito eggs, which are fed with blood, are laid on damp leaves or dried ponds for maturation by the female mosquito, during summer of fall. But prior to this, the mother initially examines the ground thoroughly by using a receptor placed under her abdomen, functioning as a humidity and temperature sensor. She aims at finding a convenient place for her eggs. These eggs, which have a length of less than one mm, are arranged in a line either in groups or one by one. Some species lay their eggs joined to each other forming a raft, some of which may contain up to 300 eggs.

The carefully placed white eggs soon start to change their color. This takes only about a few hours after they are laid down, and they become completely black in color. With this change, they attain an excellent protection against birds and insects. Their dark color cannot be recognized by these organisms.

It takes a winter for the incubation period to complete. Since eggs are created with such a structure to resists a long and cold winter, they survive until spring when their incubation period ends. When the incubation period is complete, the larvae start getting out of their eggs, all about the same time. The first egg is immediately followed by the others. As soon as they get out of the eggs, they start to swim in water. Now, the underwater days start for the mosquitoes.

The continuously fed larvae grow with great speed. Soon the skin covering their body gets too small to let them grow any further. This is the time for their firs skin change. The hard and brittle skin gets easily broken. Until this developmental cycle is completed as a whole, the mosquito larvae will change its skin two more times.

Since the life of the mosquito initialized in water, the system designed for feeding of the larvae is rather impressive. The larvae empowers whirlpools in the water with its feathered prolongations located at the two sides of its mouth, which lead bacteria and other microorganisms for feeding. A solution also exists for its respiration: each larva has an innate diving equipment. They breathe via respiratory tubes at their back while standing upside down in water. This system may be resembled to “snorkels” used by the divers. During the employment of this method, the larva secrete a sticky secretion from their body in order to prevent water from leaking inside, through the respiratory openings. Shortly, the animal lives with the help of the combined harmony of all these delicate balances.

If it did not have a respiratory tube, it would not survive; if it did not have a sticky secretion, its respiratory tube would be chocked.

As the time goes by, most of the larvae change their skin once more. The last skin change is rather different from the others. With this last change, larvae pass onto the final phase of their maturation, the “pupa phase,” and they are ready to become a real mosquito at the end. So, the time has come for the mature pupa to get out of the sheath covering its body.

However, the creature that gets out of the sheath is so different from the earlier phases, that it seems unbelievable for them to be just two developmental phases of the same being. And this metamorphoses is too complicated and delicate to be designed by the larva itself, nor by its mother, or any other thing.

During this last transition period, there is a threat for the creature, since the respiratory openings above the water may get closed with the leaking of water inside. This will naturally mean that the pupa will be out of breath, and die. But from then on, respiration will not be done via these holes. There emerge two new air tubes on the head of the pupa. Therefore, before the pupa gets ready for the last skin change, firstly these two tubes rise on the water. This will be its new method for respiration. During the three or four days of the pupa phase, there will be no nutrition for the coming mosquito. Now, the mosquito within the pupa cocoon is mature enough and ready to fl with all its organs and organelles like antennas, trunks, feet, chest, wings, abdomen, and large eyes covering most of its head. Then the pup cocoon is torn at the top. This stage where a complete mosquito will emerge is the most dangerous stage of all. The greatest risk is water leakage into the cocoon. However, the torn top is covered with a sticky liquid preventing the head from contacting water. The mosquito must get out of water without having any direct contact with water, so only its feet touch the water surface. This instant is extremely important; even a light wind may cause its death. Finally, the mosquito leaves for its first flight after a rest of about half an hour. It should be noted once again: The animal has gotten out of water without even touching the water…At this point, the question that should come to mind is, how the first mosquito has attained such an “ability”? Might be that a larva has decided to transform into a mosquito after changing skin three times? Absolutely, these are impossible. This tiny animal, which Allah gives as an example, has specifically been created as it is. This leads the Muslims to ponder on the creation of Allah and think that Allah has not created all these for nothing, they fear Allah and act totally to comply with His Will. Men who celebrate the praises of Allah, standing, sitting and lying down on their sides, and contemplate the (wonders of) creation in the heavens and the earth, (With the thought): “Our Lord! Not for naught Hast Thou created (all) this! Glory to Thee! Give us salvation from the penalty of the Fire.”